The Cragsmoor Contemporary Arts is an all-volunteer organization. All dues and donations go directly to supporting the cultural goals of CCA.

CCA depends on support from you and our community to continue to develop this proposal.
Fundraising puts us securely on our way to continue and deepen our mission of creating a home for
contemporary art in Hudson River Valley, NY.

The Hudson River Valley has been labeled culturally from the arts of the turn of the century,
which has been remarkable in its history, but it is not sustainable unless we provide a contemporary view.

Please contribute to help build a vibrant and sustainable future for Cragsmoor Contemporary Arts
which is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, which means your donation will be tax exempt.

We thank you!

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You can become a member of CCA by paying annual tax-deductible dues at one of the following two levels:

Sponsor: $50/person; Individual: $20/person.

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CCA is a nonprofit 501C3 | CLN : 29053129304020